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El Saltamontes has traditionally been brown trout angling, but over the years there has come to be a healthy population of rainbows, as well. A good amount of the fishing is done in the Ñireguao River and its oxbows lagoons - some of the best water in the valley is only a few yards from the door of the lodge. Trout actively feed on grasshoppers and other terrestrials, and the grass bordering the streams is loaded with then in January through till March. Even the name of our lodge "El Saltamontes" means grasshopper. 

aaWhile the Ñireguao River provides sensational Walk and Wade style fishing.


El Saltamontes has a wide range of Float Trips fishing, still water lake fishing and small creek fishing where you might have to use a brown and arrow approach to catch a beautiful trout.


Anglers who have visited El Saltamontes in the past will attest to this remarkable fishing, but recently the program has improved even further. Spearheaded by innovative professional guides,  and their intrepid crews of local and imported guides, the angling opportunities at El Saltamontes have blossomed.


In addition to the homewater, fly fishers now have the opportunity to ply pristine off-property waters, fisheries that have in many cases never before seen a fly!

The Flyshop’s own Pat Pendergast describes a day exploring an unnamed grassy, spring-fed lake that was full of heavy-shouldered 20-24 inch browns. Wading the edges, he’d plop a #6 Chernobyl Ant into openings in the weeds, and watch as huge mouths engulfed his offerings. Clients have reported fishing remote spring creeks full of feisty 12-16 inchers, rising eagerly to large dries. For the angler wanting a challenge, the guides have found locations that seasonally offer demanding small dry fly opportunities, as well. The lodge even has rafts and pontoon boats for day trips to local lakes and rivers.

Fishing conditions range from easy to moderately demanding at El Saltamontes – there truly are no scenarios that accomplished anglers would describe as remotely difficult. The vast majority of the fishing is done with a floating line, with rods in the 4-wt to 6-wt range. Occasionally, a heavy rain spate may briefly cloud the water, making streamers as effective as dries, but most of the fishing here is done with surface flies, particularly large terrestrials. As in most of Patagonia, breezes range from light to strong – fortunately, the lodge has such a diverse fishing program, there is always someplace to go to avoid the heaviest winds.

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