Planning for a trip to El Saltamontes might seem a little daunting. To makes the process a little easier, The Fly Shop has compiled a  comprehensive Takel & Outfitting Guide to answer all your questions that you might have regarding your trip to Patagonia. In the guide, you will find all information regarding equimpent, recommended clothing and other fishing related questions you might have. Click the button below to download the manual. 



Gratuities - How does tipping work?

Tipping is at the discretion of each guest. Should guests wish to tip El Saltamontes staff for quality service, The Lodge prefers guests to do so in the form of a lump sum, to be given to the head guide at the end of the week. In this way, guests can be assured that all the guides and staff will receive a fair portion. Most guests choose to tip about 10% of the value of their stay.

Electricity - Can I plug in my electronics?

The Lodges power is supplied by a private hydro-electric turbine, which generates power 24 hours a day. ELECTRICITY IS 220 VOLTS AT THE OUTLET. Guests will need a transformer to run appliances rated for 110 volts from North America.

Can I drink the water?

The water supply is taken directly from a high, snow-fed, mountain spring. It is pure and drinkable from the tap. Bottled water is also provided.