About The Lodge

_Z0A2175FB_IMG_1440933982144The infrastructure of El Saltamontes Lodge consists of four independent buildings, all constructed of local river-worn stone and rough hewn logs. It is the creative mixture of rustic building materials and fine furnishings that lends El Saltamontes Lodge its unique charm. Electricity is produced 24 hours a day, on the ranch by a private hydro-electric turbine. 220volt outlets are available throughout the lodge and cabins but adapters must be used for North American 120volt appliances and chargers. The main Lodge, accessed over a sweeping, curved timber deck, is an impressive building with high ceilings and two immense fire places. The communal living room is furnished with magnificent antiques, cozy leather sofas and rich rugs. The adjoining bar, with a cheery wood stove, offers another option for socializing. It is always open but the focus is more often on fly-tying and card games, rather than the comprehensive array of beverages. The dining room seats a maximum of 15 people intimately around a heavy, antique table, and a warm fireplace. Set with gleaming candelabra, silverware and crystal, it is a feast for the eyes as well as the pallet. Huge picture windows provide a back drop of dramatic Andean peaks. The kitchen beyond, is always a hive of activity into which guests are welcome. Through the door, waft inviting aromas and friendly laughter and banter from the domestic staff. Although the chef has an array of modern appliances, the big wood stove takes pride of place. If the kitchen is the heart of the lodge, the old wood stove is its soul. Hidden discretely to one side of this building, is one spacious guest apartment with a super king-size bed, a single bed, wood stove, living room, en-suite bathroom and river views. Returning guests and couples often request this room for its comfort and proximity. The three guest cabins are all within a short walk from the main Lodge and have river views. Built also of river stone, they are solid, roomy and comfortable. Each of the cabins has two bedrooms, accessed from opposite sides of a cozy living room, warmed by a wood stove. All six bedrooms have recently re-modeled, en-suite bathrooms. Some have twin single beds, some twin doubles and others a mixture of the two. All rooms are designed to accommodate two guests comfortably but in some instances, single occupancy is an option. Nestled amongst the cabins and woods is a spa. An open air, wood-fired, hot tub, steams invitingly in the evenings as anglers return after a hard day on the river. Cocktails and nibbles appear spa side to those guests who chose to soak away the days exertions. A hot sauna and a massage room complete the little Spa installation. Just beyond the main Lodge is the “Quincho†, a three sided building with a huge fire place. A traditional structure on all ranches, the Quincho allows outdoor dining in sheltered comfort. Every week guests enjoy a typical Patagonian style barbeque or “Asado†, with a whole lamb and choice, roasted beef. Neighbors arrive on horseback to enliven the atmosphere with local music and it is always a memorable night.

General Information


The Lodges power is supplied by a private hydro-electric turbine, which generates power 24 hours a day. ELECTRICITY IS 220 VOLTS AT THE OUTLET. Guests will need a transformer to run appliances rated for 110 volts from North America.


The water supply is taken directly from a high, snow fed, mountain spring. It is pure and drinkable from the tap. Bottled water is also provided. Meals Breakfast time is usually around 9:00AM (because the fish become more active as the day progresses), unless requested or scheduled otherwise. Coffee and tea are brought to the guest cabins early and are available at any time. Lunch is usually a picnic, served by the guide at the daily fishing location. A hot lunch is available at The Lodge if the weather is inclement. Dinner is usually around9:00PM. (Guides are equipped with radios when awesome fishing detains anglers past meal times). A fine selection of Chilean wines is offered with all meals. Please alert the chef if you have any special dietary requirements.

The bar

The bar is all inclusive and always open.


The fishing program is varied and covers an extensive area and diverse environments. Some days guests may begin fishing at the door-step and others they may travel further afield in 4WD vehicles. The program is weather dependent. El Saltamontes guides know the area and conditions intimately and will tailor a plan for guests each day, according to the weather, fish activity and guest abilities and preferences. Alternative Activities Horse riding is available, with a selection of mounts (Chilean mountain ponies, Arabs and European breeds) and tack to suit the novice rider or experienced equestrian. Excursions will be tailored to suit guests. Local visits can be arranged to the humble homes of rural neighbors, involved in the spinning and weaving of alpaca fiber products. Hiking opportunities vary from gentle to extreme. Non-angling companions are very welcome.


Tipping is at the discretion of each guest. Should guests wish to tip El Saltamontes staff for quality service, The Lodge prefers guests to do so in the form of a lump sum, to be given to the head guide at the end of the week. In this way, guests can be assured that all the guides and staff will receive a fair portion. Most guests choose to tip about 10% of the value of their stay. If guests enjoy their stay so much they would like to return or recommend El Saltamontes to friends, we suggest they contact The Fly Shop immediately upon return, in order to secure preferred dates. Preference will be given to returning guests.